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Chemical factory
Chemical factory
Chemical factory
Situated on the southern coast of Sicily, in the Piana del Signore, the Refinery of Gela occupies an area of 5 million m2 and it is separated into 28 sections which are delimited by 26 Km of principal roads. At the end of the 1950's, the discovery of raw oil in the subsoil of Gela by the Agip Minery constituted a decisive element for the realization of a Petrochemical Establishment. In 1959 the Society ANIC (Azienda Nazionale Idrogenazione Combustibili) and the Società Finanziaria Sofid (Società Finanziaria Idrocarburi) made up the Society ANIC Gela S.p.A. investing over $50 million. In 1962, the first plants entered into operation with an ability to produce 3 mls of tonn/year of raw oil. The investments made during the years have allowed for continuous development of the structures dedicated to refinement, putting the Refinery of Gela between the most complex and advances in Europe, bringing the ability of refinement to 5 mls of tonn/year. The Refinery merged with Agip Petroli in 1992. The Refinery of Gela represents a consolidated economic, social and cultural patrimony. The industrial mission of the Refinery is pursued with the constant promotion of the general cultural and environmental and social compatibility with the territory.


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